A few tricks for navigating this blog, with it's amazingly flexible and occasionally annoying format.
  • On a computer, you can instantly change the blog's format. At the upper left hand corner, there's a menu that drops down, offering Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide. Give them a try to see which you like. If you like the Sidebar format, but can't scroll down, click on one of the posts near the bottom and the sidebar should slide up to expose more posts.
  • Along the right edge of the page is a slim black bar that, if touched with the pointer, should pop out and offer links to my contact info, categories of posts, a list of other websites, and a way to subscribe to this blog. Sometimes this bar interferes with scrolling down on a post. Oh joy.
  • You can also type a word or words into the search box on the upper right and hit "return" on your keyboard. Chances are, unless the word is mongeese, one or more of the 750 posts will speak to it. 
  • I know, with 750 posts, this blog should be lousy with labels, but I'm lousy at remembering to add tags/labels to posts, particularly posts about lice, of which there are fortunately few. 

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