Monday, October 29, 2007

Potts Park Update

Heavy rains have slowed installation of new play equipment at Potts Park, the little pocket park that time almost forgot and most Princetonians don't know exists.

Construction vehicles were trapped in high water, causing further delays. Bob the Builder says he's doing everything he can to get the project back on track.

Meanwhile, a small, climbable forest has been planted on the south side of the park, and is expected to grow in fun potential over the next few days.

October's Native Plant Workshop--Plants in the Ground

This past Sunday's workshop featured a tour of habitat restoration projects sprouting along the edge of Pettoranello Gardens, followed by a planting session next to the upper Mountain Lake. We had gorgeous weather and lots of wildflowers to put in the ground--all grown from locally collected seed in order to preserve whatever traits the local genotypes may have to offer.

Hibiscus, swamp milkweed, cutleaf coneflower, sneezeweed (it doesn't make you sneeze) and woodgrass (actually a sedge) were planted in full sun along the water's edge and marked by stakes and string to protect them from accidental mowing.

With some luck, Mountain Lakes offerings for pollinators next year will be markedly improved.

Thanks to all who came and enjoyed the weather, each other's company, cider and cookies provided by Whole Earth Center, and the satisfaction of making a glorious setting even more so.