Monday, October 29, 2007

Potts Park Update

Heavy rains have slowed installation of new play equipment at Potts Park, the little pocket park that time almost forgot and most Princetonians don't know exists.

Construction vehicles were trapped in high water, causing further delays. Bob the Builder says he's doing everything he can to get the project back on track.

Meanwhile, a small, climbable forest has been planted on the south side of the park, and is expected to grow in fun potential over the next few days.

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  1. I live adjacent to Potts Park. Last year a driver came barelling down Tee Arr and, unable to navigate the turn onto Erdman,landed on my neighbor's lawn. Twice afterwards, I watched a driver speed dangerously down Tee Arr and have difficulty managing the turn. Thank goodness no children were present at the time. For the safety of the children entering and leaving the park, I suggest a speed hump on Tee Arr, close to the park. Anyone with connections or suggestions as to whom to approach in order to have the hump installed, please email me at Thanks.