Thursday, February 14, 2008

2nd Workday At Mountain Lakes--More Progress

During the Sunday workday at Mountain Lakes on Feb. 10, we were treated to a command performance of rapid mood swings by the weather. Clouds gathered, then scattered, the wind roared through the treetops, then settled down; finally, snow began to fall, dusting the valley in white. Through all of this, we continued working down the small valley, pulling up the smaller invasive shrubs and cutting the bigger ones at the base, expanding on the work done the week prior. Some of the larger exotic shrubs--honeysuckles and privets--were left standing for later cutting into sections that can be used to "corduroy" the muddy trail running past the worksite. Thanks to Steven, Russ, Brownlee, Cynthia, Annarie and her daughter and son, and Kathy for all their help.

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