Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Has a Spring To Its Baby Steps

Spring is bursting out here and there, in subtle prelude to the full unleashing of flowers. These crocuses are celebrating their liberation from English ivy, which happened last year (see last year's posts for easy ivy removal). Other non-native annuals like snowdrops and aconite have also been blooming for weeks.

Native species blooming this time of year are more understated--nature without makeup on. These are the catkins of alders lining Pettoranello Pond. Look up at the street trees, and chances are you'll see the reddish haze of tiny maple flowers. The skunk cabbages at Mountain Lakes are putting a call out to all flies for pollination services, as the spring peepers offer up eerie, spontaneous, mass orchestrations of primordial mating calls. There was even a V of geese flying north today.

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