Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mountain Climbing in Princeton

It's common to beat the summer doldrums by heading off on a family jaunt. From the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters, this land is full of breathtaking scenery to fill the soul with beauty and an enduring sense of wonder at nature's splendor. Some are content to simply view it all from a distance, but others of a sturdier, more restless breed seek adventure in the challenge and exhilaration of mountain climbing.

With father showing the way, this family decided to take Deadwood Gulch, the steepest path up the fabled Oak Stump Mountain. The kids were fine as long as they didn't look down,
and the hardy hikers were rewarded at the summit with a breathtaking view of the great Hamilton River watershed.
On the flight home, tired but happy, the family gazed one last time at the mountain range they had just conquered.
Back home, however, they had trouble convincing friends of their incredible feats. Some refused to even believe there was such a place as Oak Stump Mountain.

This travelogue made possible by bacterial leaf scorch and high winds.

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