Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Popular Walkway

One of the more popular walks for Princeton residents, of all sorts, is the driveway leading up to Mountain Lakes House. For anyone not ready to venture onto the trails around the lakes, up into the boulder fields of Witherspoon Woods, or over to the meadows of Tusculum, the driveway provides a broad, dependably dry passage into nature.

Right now, the dogwoods are showing the rest of the wooded world what elegance is all about.

If you look down along the roadsides, you'll see some other white blooms--spring beauties and, alas, the highly invasive garlic mustard. Less ubiquitous is the native Virginia Knotweed (photo), which has a dark thumbprint on its leaf.

There's even one small patch of native wild geranium along the edge of the driveway, offering a bit of alternative color in this time of flower white and leaf green.

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