Friday, July 25, 2008

Damselflies, Sycamores and a River

One of my favorites spots to wade out into the riffles of the Stonybrook is just below the Rosedale Road bridge, next to Greenway Meadows park. The water's shallow, the bottom stony, and on this particular day in early June, sycamore seeds speckled the water's surface, and a few stray sycamore leaves came drifting downstream, catching occasionally on rocks.

A closer look at the leaves (3rd photo) showed them to be a favored place of congregation for a species of damselfly so intent on procreation that they cared little if they were above or below water.

Damselflies clasp their wings together above them when they perch.

A dragonfly (wings lie flat when at rest, and much stockier--last photo) was not so happy in the water, and had to be rescued from its floundering.

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