Monday, February 15, 2010

A Flurry of Activity at Mountain Lakes

Even before the snowstorms hit last week, this winter has been marked by a flurry of activity at Mountain Lakes, with a blizzard to follow, come summer.

Here, two FOPOS board members, Clark Lennon and Tim Patrick-Miller, are removing invasive shrubs from an area near the Mountain Lakes House, as part of a beautification of the grounds that's starting to gain some momentum.

A couple hundred yards southeast of the house, visitors to Mountain Lakes may have noticed some pink ribbons showing up in one area of the woods. The trees have been numbered, measured and mapped so that a location can be chosen for a clearing, to be used as a staging area for the dam restoration and lake dredging work scheduled to begin in July.

Much discussion has gone in to selecting an area that will disturb as few of the marked trees as possible. Township engineers have been working closely with FOPOS (Friends of Princeton Open Space), which holds the conservation easement on the property and has to approve various aspects of the proposed work.

For those interested, the township will present its plans for the dam restoration and dredging project, and accept public comment, on March 1st at 7pm in the Main Meeting Room of the Township Municipal Building.

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