Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fabien Cousteau

The grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau brought his passion for the oceans to the Princeton Environmental Film Festival last night. Flashing a boyish grin in front of an overflow crowd, he mixed stories from his family's fabled explorations of the oceans with humorous asides to the kids sitting on the floor in front, and urgent calls to action to save the oceans.

"Everything that happens on land", he said, "ends up in the oceans." Though he didn't put it quite this way, for Princeton that means that everything that runs off of our yards and streets, and all the choices we make as consumers of fish, has a small but meaningful impact on the ocean. The power of the individual was a recurring theme, as he called on us to avoid "single-use plastics",  to download info from about which fish to buy, and to use social networks to help bring about change.

An interview that captures much of what he said can be found at, though it may not mention the lifelike shark capsule he built to swim anonymously among sharks. Info on his program to bring back the oysters in the Hudson Bay are at

A couple posts describing our link to the ocean, better known as the Millstone River, can be found on this website by scrolling down to November, 2010.

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