Sunday, September 02, 2012

Tomato Thieves

A neighbor who lives close to Princeton Shopping Center was erecting a high fence around the attractively designed vegetable garden he planted in his front yard. After several weeks worth of tomatoes kept mysteriously disappearing overnight, he finally spied a deer nibbling away in the wee hours.

Two blocks away, I have no deer to eat tomatoes growing in our fenced in backyard, but the squirrels are happy to oblige. My theory is that the squirrels took to eating tomatoes several years ago during a horrendous drought, and have made it a habit ever since.

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  1. I live, of course, just 3 houses from you. No deer this year, except once perhaps. All the violets had been beheaded overnight; a rabbit wouldn't eat that way, probably was a lone, renegade deer. Has not recurred. Violets regrown; they even liked to be cropped like that.