Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Black Bear Update

A second black bear was sighted in Princeton yesterday. Here is info copied from an email circulated, I believe, by the district school superintendent:

There have been sightings of a young male bear throughout the
community over recent days, including yesterday, the 16th of
June.Township and Borough police officers are well aware of the
situation and animal control has been tracking the bear. Today alone
it was in Smoyer Park, by the lake at the end of Harrison and in other
areas near Riverside and Littlebrook Schools. And then he retreated
through the woods behind the homes on Herrontown Road, into the areas
of the gas pipeline and back towards the northwest. He enjoyed the
garbage at Smoyer Park . So do not put garbage out the night before
pick ups, and make sure you have clean grills in your back yards.

This is the information from the Animal Control Officer:

The bear is a 100-125 pound young male and has been non-aggressive.

Be aware of your surroundings.

If you spot the bear, calmly raise your hands, clap your hands briefly
and make sure the bear knows you are there.

Don't startle the bear. It will probably run away.

You should call the police with the time and location of the

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  1. My husband and I went walking near Herronton woods last weekend...yikes! Had to pick up my son from Littlebrook School...they didn't let the kids walk home one day. They allowed it the next day, which was strange...how could they be sure the bear was gone??

    Still, I like the idea of wildlife in Princeton. We saw a red fox on our street.