Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unclogging a Stream at Mountain Lakes

Clark Lennon, board member with Friends of Princeton Open Space and volunteer extraordinaire, is especially involved with clearing and maintaining trails at Mountain Lakes.

On this day, I talked him into helping expedite not only the flow of hikers and joggers in Mountian Lakes, but also the flow of water down one of the brooks just upstream of the lakes. The fallen trees were obstructing storm flows that could undermine the streambanks over time.
Bill Sachs and I pushed the cut logs up and out of the stream, leaving a clear channel. The little dam in the foreground suggests the spot was once a wading pool for residents of Mountain Lakes House.

The final result: a winding stream that looks like it's been that way for thousands of years. The work of restoring, like they say about good writing, doesn't call attention to itself. Unless, of course, someone brings along a camera.

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  1. Great work and lovely capturing of it. Thank you!