Friday, November 07, 2014

Fall Colors in and out of the Woods

Walking through Herrontown Woods, catching some color to carry me through the winter. Browns and yellows dominated. Beech leaves from green to yellow to copper.

Winterberry leaves that donated generously to the local insect society.

A solitary crabapple persisting in the shade.

Winged euonymus, or burning bush, grading pink to white, their colors doused by deep shade--

colors that in their customary brightly lit gas station habitat would be brilliant red.

Elsewhere in Herrontown Woods, along the flat top of the Ridge, the wind conspires to highlight the distribution of wineberry, flipping the leaves over to expose the white underneath.

The uncommon color of the gratefully numerous maple-leaved Viburnums.

After all that preceded on the walk, this burgundy jumped out at me from one of the few southern arrowwoods in the woods. (Viburnum dentatum)

The same arrowwood in full sun at the Princeton Healthcare Center has a different hue.

With more color from ginkgos to absorb on the walkway.

The catalpas guard the entryway,

with elephant ear leaves.

While the persimmons across town, growing up to the pedestrian bridge over Washington Rd on campus, go begging, their Princeton orange just beyond reach.

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