Sunday, November 23, 2014

Misplaced Matter Maligned

"I don't understand why people put leaves in the road, because that's, like, where they drive."

- a certain daughter of mine

These leafy fluff monsters appeared a day or two ago, cluttering gutters and hogging nearly the whole lane. One's on a side street, the other at one of Princeton's busiest intersections. One block apart, they are likely the work of one landscape service that came through whenever and dumped them wherever, indifferent to whatever rules might apply. There's reason to pillory these billowy blobs of spent tree garb. According to the schedule for Section 1, they arrived on the street too late for the last pickup of the season, which means even more staff time will be needed to double back and mop up these muppety, maplely masses of misplaced matter.

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