Thursday, November 27, 2014

Leaf Stacking Demo

Before there were leaf blowers, before there were rakes, there was leaf stacking. In this video, stack-master Perry Sugg demonstrates the traditional method of leaf stacking passed down through the generations in his home town of Princeton, North Carolina. Stacked leaves can be carried by hand, without the need of implements, tarps, bedsheets, or containers of any kind. In 2008, Perry traveled north to Princeton, New Jersey, to bring hope and empowerment to a people worn down by the drone of leaf blowers. He is ably assisted by Sofia, Maya, Anna, and spunky cairn-poo Leo.

For those in a hurry, skip to 1:10 in the video for the demonstration.

"Viva la leaf stacker! Down with the leaf blower!"

An internet search for "leaf stacking" yielded this completely different form, a game played by two to build a leaf mountainette one leaf at a time. Poetic and vaguely Bergmanesque.


  1. Impressive! We'll definitely plan on trying leaf-stacking at our house.

  2. This is divine! We have a lot of trees and a lot of leaves. Leaf stacking looks like the ideal way to shift them around the yard while getting fresh air and a free workout. Loved the commentary, too!