Friday, October 07, 2022

Nature Events on Indigenous Peoples Day Weekend


Events at Herrontown Woods include:

May's Barden Cafe -- At Herrontown Woods, 10-12. A gathering with coffee, etc. and baked goods to eat. 600 Snowden Ave, across from Smoyer Park. Barden is short for Botanical ARt garDEN, where native plants and art mix.

Nature Walk at Herrontown Woods -- 12-1pm on Sunday, Oct. 9, directly after the cafe. Meet at the Barden next to the main parking lot of Herrontown Woods. Invasive species will be the theme, but other things will come up as well.


Daniel Simberloff to speak at Princeton University -- 12:15, Monday, Oct. 10, Livestream on Media Central-- A leading expert on invasive species around the world, he is editor of the journal Biological Invasions, which some years back published a book review I wrote about invasive species denial. Talks in this series can be geared more for scientists than a lay audience, but can often be interesting even if you lack training.

ALSO, Princeton University's Media Central Live
Looks like lots of events to listen in on at the University's Media Central Live. For instance, this weekend, Princeton Symphony Orchestra -- 7:30pm, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7-8

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