Friday, August 29, 2008

Boneset Butterflies and Moths

The sixth in a series of posts cataloging all the varied life attracted to a backyard boneset plant. The last two are probably the same, but one was bluer than the other, so both are included.

The kind of butterfly in the fourth photo was by far the most common--essentially present all day long.

These five beauties, plus one I haven't tracked down a photo of, bring the count to 45.

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  1. Steve, that pale blue small butterfly may well be a Karner blue, 'whom' I first met at Mapleton Preserve butterfly walk with Karen Linder and Tari Pantaleo. Bill Rawlyk, D&R Greenway naturalist, confirms that Karner blues could be out in the season of your photographs. They're about as big as a quarter, and far more charming!