Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upcoming Inventory Walks and a Workday

This Sunday, August 17, a morning session at the high school wetland and an afternoon walk at Marquand Park. August 24, a 2pm inventory walk at Greenway Meadows is planned (the first one got rained out).

Workday at the Wetland: At 9am, we'll meet at the Princeton High School ecolab, i.e. the detention basin that was transformed into a wetland. The native species we planted last year are doing great, and some weeds are doing better than we might wish. It's a good chance to get acquainted with both, before pulling out the latter. The wetland is part dry ground, part wet, so you needn't wear rubber boots unless it rains heavily the day before. The wetland is on Walnut Street, tucked between the two new wings of the high school.

Inventory Walk at Marquand Park: At 2pm, we'll meet at Marquand Park, and explore the less developed areas to see what's growing untended. This, I just realized, is our first inventory walk in Princeton borough. The park is on Lovers Lane, between 206 and Mercer Street. The photo is from a November, 2006 post on this blog--one of the giant tulip poplars in the park.

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