Thursday, September 16, 2010

Common Exotic Invasive Shrubs

In anticipation of 100 Princeton Day School 9th graders coming to Community Park North tomorrow morning to help remove invasive shrubs, I brought home some leaves of the various kinds of shrubs they will be encountering in the woods, and scanned them into my computer. Below are the shrubs we'll be removing, along with some descriptions. They are as common in people's backyards as they are in Princeton's nature preserves. To see more photos and text about these species in Princeton, type the name of the plant into the search box at the upper left of this website.

MULTIFLORA ROSE: Sharp thorns curved backwards. Alternative leaves. Each leaf has about 7 leaflets.

ASIAN PHOTINIA: Leaves are alternate, and wider towards the tip. Little teeth along the margins of leaves.

HONEYSUCKLE: Leaves opposite (come off stem in pairs), with graceful narrowing of leaves at tip. Leaf margins smooth. Bark is tan.

PRIVET: Leaves are opposite, narrow, with smooth margins. Bark is grayish.

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