Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wild Turkey in Potts Park

A few Princetonians know about the little pocket park just off busy Harrison Street, at the corner of Tee-Ar Place and Erdman Ave. Though not much more than an acre in size, and with little beyond turf and spruce trees for habitat, this morning at 7:15 it attracted a distinguished visitor. My daughters saw it first from the second story window, its dark brown body contrasting with the light dusting of snow. They were impressed by the wild turkey's size, but apparently it was not very impressed with the park's offerings. Having caught a glimpse of it, I ran to get a camera, then returned to find it already gone.

Evidence that it wasn't a phantom remained in the fresh untrodden snow. It entered the park through the main gate like the rest of us.

Here's a better sense of its footprint's (considerable) size.

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