Thursday, February 06, 2014

Herrontown Wood in Deep Snow

The parking lot at Herrontown Wood was filled to the brim Tuesday, with snow. The combination of thick, wet snow and no wind made for beauteous effects.

Evergreens like Norway spruce were particularly good at catching and holding,

though the few remaining white pines paid a price.

Some deciduous trees that hold their leaves through winter, like American beech, got into the act,

looking well tressed,

along with the white oaks.

A giant tulip poplar went two-tone

while another looked to be the victim of a cream pie prank.

Some of the shrubs took on a jazzy mobile look.

Even the lateral branches of poison ivy (note the hairy main stem climbing up the side of the tree)

and the old fence demarcating the Veblen House property took on an ornamental look.

The moss-covered cliff was nicely framed from below,

and from above. What a great birdwatching spot it looks to be.

Today's catch, a robin.

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