Friday, April 24, 2015

Arbor Day, Tree Seedling Giveaway, and Other Shade Tree Commission Announcements

Today's Arbor Day, and you'd think that, as chair of the Princeton Shade Tree Commission, I'd have a post about it. Seems so predictable to do so, but here are some updates from the STC:

With Princeton's new arborist, Lorraine Konopka, and STC member Pam Machold on hand, third grade students at Riverside Elementary will be planting a Dogwood Tree at 1:30 today, April 24. The public is invited to attend.

You can read about Lorraine Konopka, and the coming invasion of Emerald Ash Borer, in this Town Topics profile.

COMMUNIVERSITY, Sunday, April 26, 2015, 1-6pm
The Shade Tree Commission will distribute free Kousa Dogwood and Willow Oak seedlings to the first 200 attendees who stop by our booth. The STC booth will be on Nassau Street, between the intersection of Witherspoon and Palmer Square. The tree seedlings are part of the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign.

Thanks to the The Taco Truck restaurant, located in the Princeton Shopping Center, for donating 10% of Earthday proceeds to the Princeton Shade Tree Trust Reserve. Funds in the Shade Tree Trust are used to plant and maintain Princeton’s public street trees.


SFB said...

Distributing a non-native species instead of our beatiful Cornus florida? Start the Princeton outrage-o-meter!

Stephen Hiltner said...

Alas, we put in a request for free tree seedlings, and don't have control over what we receive. Definitely something to look into.