Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The OK Leaf Corral

One way to wrap up the year and leave 2015 behind, as we ride December off into the sunset, is with a cowboy-tinged leaf rap -- an advertisement for the latest
in our ever-expanding line of sustainability products. 
Yee haw!

The OK Leaf Corral

By Stephen Hiltner

Is your lawn
Beneath a sea of leaves?

Is there brown on the ground
That you don’t want around?

Well, resist that urge
To purge the surge.
Them leaves that’s fallin’
Have a higher callin’
Than to fill up the streets
And leave traffic stallin’.

So when you’re feelin’ inundated
And your yard looks second rated,
It’s good to know
That you have a pal
In our OK brand 
Of leaf corral.

Our OK brand 
of leaf corral 
is guaranteed 
to be 

It’s the solution 
to pollution!

No curbside muss or fuss, now. 
No piles in the aisles. 
No cars swervin', 
or curvin' 
'round foliage undeservin' 
of a fate so unnervin'. 

‘Cause our sophisticated 
leaf-sensin' fencin' 
will keep your leafy fleet 
in a discreet 
of the yard. 

The OK Leaf Corral 
is a leaf corral 
you can trust, 
not to rust. 

So keep that leaf, 
(at your feet) 
out of the street! 

Just saddle on up 
in your “green” blue jeans, 
and start cleanin' the scene.

You can mow ‘em,
You can stow ‘em,
You can rake ‘em,
You can shake ‘em,
You can make ‘em into soil.
It don’t take any toil.

Don’t burn,
Don’t burn,
Don’t burn any oil.

All you gotta do is toss em’.
Oh, those leaves 
are simply awesome!

Just rake ‘em on up,
And tow ‘em on down.
Move 'em on back 
To the back of the yard.
To the back of the yard?
To the back of the yard!

Ride herd on them there leaves! 
Giddyap and get 'em on back 
To the OK Leaf Corral. 

Yee haw!

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