Saturday, January 02, 2016

Grounds Tour and Pawpaw Patch Planting Party Sunday at Veblen House, 2pm

Posted this at, but forgot to post it here.

Tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 3, come by Veblen House in Herrontown Woods, where our Friends of Herrontown Woods group is hosting a gathering to show off the recent transformation of the Veblen House landscape. Should be a beautiful day, but cool, so dress warmly, and we'll have something warm to drink. In addition to touring the grounds, you can participate in a planting of pawpaws to symbolize new beginnings, not to mention future harvests of delicious tropical-tasting fruits. We'll be there 2-4pm.

Directions: Reach the Veblen House by entering the gravel driveway across from 443 Herrontown Road in Princeton (look for Rotary sign wrapped around a tree), or by taking the trail from the Herrontown Woods parking lot up to the farm cottage (cedar shingle siding) and taking a right through the fence. Veblen House appears as a small white square on this map, north of the parking lot.


  1. this was fun but I sort of expected some one to break out out into a chorus of this:

    I have a baaaad singing voice so did not do so myself.

    As with this author, I also learned this song as a small child before I had any idea what a paw paw was, and I had to look it up, which pre-internet was arduous and involved things like libraries and encyclopedias...

  2. You're right! We should have sung the song. Next year. Thanks for the link to more info about pawpaws at the Georgia site.