Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those Tiny Household Ants

An exterminator stopped by a friend's house while I was there, and identified the tiny ants that occasionally show up in the kitchen and elsewhere as "odorous house ants". He had a couple syringes with gel, applied some in an out of the way place along the ants' pathway, and quickly departed.

Two years ago, the ants were so numerous in our house that we thought they'd soon take over the whole world. Last year, there were few, requiring little or no action.

A couple previous posts describe the options. After trying borax-based products, we settled on a gel endearingly called Combat Source Kill Max, available at the local hardware store. Only tiny amounts are needed, placed along the path of the ants. They seem to gobble it all up, leaving no residual. Haven't needed to use it this year as yet. Maybe the ants have grown content with the great outdoors.

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