Thursday, August 04, 2016

Before and After the Flood at the High School Wetland

Many have seen the video of the extraordinary flooding at Princeton High School on July 30. As something of a citizen "activator", and high school parent, I'm meeting with school and town to help give momentum to a lasting solution to prevent future flood damage to the school.

I hope the school's basement and performing arts stage prove as resilient as the wildflowers in the ecolab wetland, which happen to be in full bloom. First photo is a "during" shot, showing the Joe-Pye-Weed and Rose mallow hibiscus sitting in five feet of floodwater.

This second photo shows the plants the next day, happy as clams, as if refreshed from a nice long bath.

This is a great time to stop by and take a walk around the perimeter of the wetland, and maybe catch the sunset in the big sky over the ball fields just on the other side of the performing arts wing from the wetland, on Walnut Lane.

Towpath Nature Trail Loop:
Another great place to see these beautiful summer wildflowers is along the nature walk created and maintained by the DR Canal State Park crews. Get on the towpath at Harrison Street and look for the Nature Trail sign. A virtual guided walk can be found here. This link should take you to a map.

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