Sunday, May 14, 2017

When Rain is Welcome

A cool, rainy weekend for Mothers Day is good news in our backyard, where I planted a Rhododendron rescued from the foundation of a house not long for the world. It's hardwired in me to rescue all manner of abandoned items, to see potential in discards. That concept can be applied to anything from furniture left at the curb, to a house left boarded up in the woods, to the earth itself, which is being treated like a disposable oasis in the universe. A camera rescues images from oblivion. This blog fashions fleeting experiences into something lasting.

The Rhododendron and its timing were particularly serendipitous, because it's my wife's favorite plant in all the world. Other outdoor plants come and go, but the deep connection she feels for Rhododendrons brings joy when they prosper, and sorrow when they struggle. I managed to get this one in the ground on Friday, making the weekend's rain something to celebrate. We'll see if it endures, but at least in the short term, I've scored major spousal points.

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