Friday, November 19, 2010

Norway Maples Say "Here I am."

 Now is a good time to spot all the Norway maples springing up along your fenceline. They sprout from windblown seeds and grow well in the shade, advertising their location this time of year by turning bright yellow when most other trees are bare. This photo, taken along the Guyot pathway near Valley Road, shows a Norway maple pushing up into the canopy of a native pin oak. This is the urban version of forest succession, and is not necessarily a good thing. Norway maples are largely inedible to wildlife, and discourage other plants with their dense shade and growth inhibitors released through their roots. It's a good idea to remove them from your fencelines before they get too big to cut by hand.
 Now's also a good time to see spring flowers (!) along Walnut Street,
and ginkgo leaves ornamenting the sidewalk along Hamilton. None of these are native species, but only the Norway maple is invasive.

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