Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Workdays at Mountain Lakes

Note, Dec. 7: These workdays are on hold, given the cold weather and holiday season.

If you have a flexible schedule, consider helping out on Wednesday's at 3pm at Mountain Lakes, where some steady effort is shifting a valley from exotic to native species. I call the valley "Frog Hollow", because of the frequent encounters with amphibians that thrive in this varied landscape of pond, brook, swamp, woodland and unmowed field.

These photos were taken in late summer, when we tagged the many kinds of wildflowers and sedges planted there over the past several years. The native plants survived the fierce summer drought without watering--further proof that low, sunny fields are optimal for wild gardening. Hopefully, the Monarch butterflies these swamp milkweeds fed are well on their way to Mexico for the winter.

Activity this time of year is focused on removing invasive shrubs. The area we're working on borders the upper Mountain Lake, just past and down the hill from Mountain Lakes House, at 57 Mountain Ave.

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