Friday, June 07, 2013

Nature Walk Video -- Gulick Park

PrincetonNatureNotes goes multimedia with a wonderfully shot and edited HD video by Kurt Tazelaar and Sally Curtis. The April 7 walk in Gulick Park on the east side of Princeton was organized by Nicole Bergman. I'm the naturalist at large, Ed Simon leads volunteer efforts to maintain the park, and Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee member Steve Kruze also contributes. One "good old days" story Ed told is about a giant bull the Gulicks had that used to roam the woods and occasionally break through the barbed wire fence to explore the neighborhood.

Below are a few stops along the way.

00:20:00 History of the park--Ed Simon
00:34:50 Ed explains why we don't see antlers in the woods
00:37:45 The Christmas tree field from whence many borough park evergreens came
01:00:20 Discussion of the impact of deer on ecological balance

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