Sunday, April 27, 2014

Upcoming Open Space Events

Today, April 27, Marquand Park's 60th year celebration, with a tour by the Macholds at noon, followed at around 1:30 with comments by town arborist Greg O'Neil and Mayor Lempert, and the planting of three native chestnuts. The park is located on Lovers Lane, between Mercer Street and 206.

Check out some events the next town over in Kingston, at, including a May 7 annual meeting featuring a talk on Somerset County parks by Clifford Zink.

Friends of Princeton Open Space is having its annual meeting Sunday, May 4, 3pm, at Mountain Lakes House, with Michele Byers as the guest speaker, refreshments, and a nature walk afterwards. Call to rsvp, 921-2772.

Birders speak of a resurgence in birdlife at Princeton's Rogers Refuge (just down from the Institute Woods) since deer culling has allowed the spicebush to rebound in the understory. As a member of the Friends of Rogers Refuge, I wrote an ecological assessment and stewardship plan for this beautiful marsh and floodplain at the end of West Drive. The annual birdwalks there are scheduled for May 17 and 18, beginning at 8am at the fork in the road on West Drive. These and other walks in the region are listed at the Washington Crossing Audubon website

Also, this from birder and leader of the Friends of Rogers Refuge, Fred Spar:
"Winnie and I will be leading a Birdathon walk there on May 10th. This is a fundraising event for WCAS, and the emphasis will be on broader participation, not just the number of birds sighted. For all of these events, all are welcome.

A May 4 call for volunteers from Canal Watch, to help with the first spring planting of native plants at Bulls Island where the invasive Japanese Knotweed has been eliminated. I mention it not knowing any of the details about place and time, but sounds impressive anytime this transition from invasive to native can be made.

Meanwhile, back at Marquand Park, here's a photo of the otherworldly threadleaf Japanese maple, its brilliant colors backlit by an afternoon sun, taken some years back before it was damaged in a storm.

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