Friday, June 20, 2014

Mulberry Splatterfest

This bird paid me no mind, gorging on mulberries at my feet. We could gorge, too,

but we generally don't notice this marvelous burst of generosity. And because mulberries aren't thought to much matter, and we don't tend to take walks while carrying ladders, the streets get all splattered

with mulberry juice.

Red mulberries ripen to black.

White mulberries ripen to  off-white or pink.  Unlike the kinds of fruits I intentionally grow--blueberries, for instance--both kinds of mulberries conveniently overwhelm the birds' appetites, leaving lots that we might eat, if we thought to pause, reach up or reach down, and eat outside the box.


  1. my dog is totally addicted to these and has memorized the location of several trees....but the fox and deer can really slurp them up too

  2. PS- you might like this recipe (and these folks' blog):

  3. Nice looking recipe. Happened to be out at the Historical Society's Updike Farm yesterday and rediscovered their big red mulberry tree, back near the windmill.