Friday, September 25, 2015

A School Garden's Small Victories

It seems ever so simple, ever so minor, and yet in a world where problems resist solution, this small victory merits celebration at week's end. During this long, late-summer drought, seventeen raised garden beds at the Princeton High School have depended on water from this spigot. The beds have been much better used since the facilities staff were finally able to make the faucet function earlier this year.

But what ever stays fixed? Last week, I found the faucet gushing water, even in the off position. I imagined they'd have to order a new part, then add the faucet to a long list of other tasks to be done. Several weeks? A month?

I checked back today, and the faucet was repaired and fully functional. The wrapping tape is even school colors.

Sing praise to the unsung. Cheers to the high school facilities staff! Nearby is some late-flowering boneset blooming, this fall in honor of those who set the school's bones right.


  1. Cindy Carlin9/26/2015 9:18 PM

    There is a white flower now blooming profusely wherever I am walking. Is THAT Boneset? I'm having a hard time figuring out what it is, and it is EVERYWHERE!

  2. There's late flowering boneset (also called late flowering thoroughwort), which can fill whole fields sometimes. Boneset tends to be found as an individual plant here and there, for some reason. White snakeroot seems to me more likely to be found in open woodlands. You can look them up online or in a plant guide to see how to distinguish one from the other. There's also a white aster that can be very numerous. I call it frost aster, because it looks like it's covered with frost, but it may have some other, more official name.