Thursday, June 30, 2016

Improbable Chicory Bouquet

Hickory, dickory, dock
A chicory grew from a rock.
The concrete can say
It became a bouquet.
Now that's some incredible luck.

Who needs soil, or perfect rhymes, when you're chicory? This remarkable Cichorium intybus is holding court at Orchard Rd and 206, just north of town. I noticed it while dropping my daughter off for an internship at the office of Andrew Zwicker, whom some may remember as having been elected last fall to represent Princeton in Trenton.

Most roadside chicory looks like this--sparse, gangly, off kilter.

For a chicory to achieve such rich color and symmetrical form is singular, and drew at least one other photographer, seen on another dropoff day.

More important for the chicory than our attention was that of a pollinator. Quite a nice flower when one takes a closer look.

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