Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mile a Minute: New Invasive in Princeton

Keep your eye out for this one. It's a vine that's easy to identify, with a triangular leaf, prickly stem, rapid growth. Pull it out, preferably before it makes its small blue berries, or it will grow like a veil over your plantings. Put it in the trash, not someplace where it will get composted and potentially spread.

Last year, I spotted it and removed it from two locations--along the gravel road to Rogers Refuge and along the edge of the north field at Princeton Battlefield--but not before it had made berries to grow a new batch this spring.

In an ideal world, someone would be paid to, among other things, take early action to prevent a new highly invasive species from getting established in town. This year, Princeton will have, for the first time, a couple temporary workers focused on invasive species removal in town preserves. But that doesn't include state properties like the battlefield.


  1. A young vine appeared in our yard this spring but we spotted it before it got very far and it was quickly dealt with. Birds maybe brought its seed to us.

  2. Great that you pulled it out quickly. There must be a large infestation somewhere in Princeton that's generating seeds.