Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poetry Trail Dedication

Who knows what you'll find sprouting from a London Plane tree? In an allee of these trees, just up the hill from the soccer fields at Greenway Meadows Park, some 30 poems have sprouted from the ground to draw the attention of passersby.

On October 17, a perfect Indian Summer day greeted attendees at the dedication for the Scott and Hella McVay Poetry Trail.
On hand was no less than Paul Winter, of Paul Winter Consort fame, to frame in melody the ceremony and assorted readings by poets whose works have magically drifted off the pages of books and into the full light of the Princeton landscape. Afterwards, maestro Winter explained to me how music, alternating with poems, allows the audience more time to digest the imagery of the poems, and shift activity from one side of the brain to the other.

The poetry readings and music mixed with the soft breeze and the distant chatter of the soccer games to make a pleasing and memorable impression on all present. The park can be reached by heading out Rosedale Road and turning left into the parking lot just before the Stonybrook bridge.

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  1. Steve, how delightful that you write about our new Scott & Hella McVay Poetry Trail, in your dual capacity as naturalist and musician. It was a glowing day. Thank you for bringing to life newly.

    May I extend an invitation to any and all to walk this trail behind D&R Greenway's circa-1900 barn, in all seasons, whether our office is open or not.

    As with the trail dedication, inspiration awaits in many forms.

    Gratefully, Carolyn