Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FOPOS Trail Committee Installs Corduroy To Enjoy

Mud makes many a Princeton trail problematic in the spring. Fortunately, the Friends of Princeton Open Space has a spirited volunteer trail committee that has been making great strides for hikers in recent years, building boardwalks over muddy stretches.
Their most recent project was to roll out the "wood carpet" on a trail heading to Witherspoon Woods from the Mountain Lakes driveway. Called "corduroy", the process involves fitting short sections of log crosswise along the trail.
On the job this particular day are FOPOS board members Ted Thomas, Van Williams, Nick Wilson, Clark Lennon and Eric Tazelaar (behind the camera).
If you want to experience the committee's good works for yourself, walk up the Mountain Lakes driveway to the kiosk, turn right down the trail, then head north towards Witherspoon Woods, keeping the meadows of Tusculum to your right.

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