Thursday, June 09, 2011

Playin' Jazz For Free at the Labyrinth Bookstore This Friday

For those wondering what happened to the usually steady stream of posts on this blog, I have been collecting photos in my usual way--of odd ant behavior on a sidewalk, a NJ forest being restored by fire, a turtle freely ranging through a forest of legs at a habitat management meeting, a neighbor's persimmon orchard, a piedmont prairie--but for some reason have not managed to launch them into the ether. I will, but in the meantime want to let everyone know about other creations to be launched in a free performance tomorrow evening, Friday, from 6:30 to 8.

In addition to growing wildflowers, I grow jazz compositions, mostly at the baby grand piano in our living room. We'll be performing some of them tomorrow at the Labyrinth Bookstore on Nassau Street, which has a nice space in the basement for literary and musical performances. Ron Connor will be playing piano, with Jerry D'Anna on bass. I'll be playing saxophone and clarinet.

So, tell your friends and come on down. Labyrinth will provide coffee and tea. Otherwise, b.y.o.

More information about the group, and links to some compositions, can be found at

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