Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When Gardens Crawl Up a Wall

Someone left a bike unlocked,

in the middle of a garden.

But I doubt that anyone will steal it,

being suspended twenty feet up,

on the side of a wall,

that serves as a backdrop for a restaurant a few blocks away from the Zocolo in Mexico City.

The plants on the wall grow in little pockets of felt-like fabric,

that look like an extension of this much older approach of putting ceramic pots on a wall.

The swirly patterns of the wall garden are reminiscent of these swirls of boxwood that serve as a pruned understory in a mini-forest in a Coyoacan plaza,

and this traditional motif on a wall along a narrow street that leads to the plaza.

A post from 2009 about a similar garden in Madrid can be found at this link.

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