Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Jazz Tomorrow at Labyrinth Bookstore

We temporarily interrupt the nature narrative to mention that tomorrow, Thursday, from 6-8pm, the Labyrinth Bookstore on Nassau St in Princeton will be providing habitat for my group, the Sustainable Jazz Ensemble, as  part of the 3rd "Art Walk". I write all the music, with names like Scrambled Eggs, Fresh Paint, Crying It Out and Forgotten Memories. A new tune may enter the repertoire Thursday, called Fed Up, which is how I feel sometimes when abuse of the planet is allowed to continue unchecked. Labyrinth will provide tea and coffee, or you can bring your own. Art Walk is a bit of a stealth event, but you can find some info at the Labyrinth Bookstore website, and particularly at the Princeton University Art Museum website.

Another great opportunity to hear the music and socialize is a potluck/performance on Saturday, May 19, at a private music room across Route 1 a short ways. That one starts at 7, with a couple sets starting at 8pm. Send me an email for details (click on "View my complete profile", over on the right on this blog, for my email address.)

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