Monday, September 09, 2013

Hickory Horned Devil and Cicada Killer

A couple local cold-blooded residents offer chills and thrills this time of year.

Two weeks ago, my friend Jim sent this photo, wondering if this scary creature has a name. For scale, that's a quarter lying next to it. I told him it looked like a hickory horned devil, and found a post from four years ago featuring two I had found chomping on a small walnut tree in front of the Veblen House. A splendid creature if you can get past the intimidating appearance.

The other, a cicada killer, can be seen in late summer buzzing low to the ground in search of cicadas to grab out of the air. This photo is from three years ago, when there was a thriving colony of them living on one of the traffic islands in the public pool parking lot. The cicadas need to be a lot more worried about these than we do.

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