Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Hawk Does Lunch

Yesterday, a red-tailed hawk took a leisurely late lunch, perched on a Kentucky Coffee Tree overlooking North Harrison Street. Just below, cars streamed by on their way to or from the shopping center, oblivious to the lone diner. The winter menu being slim, the hawk had selected the day's special, raw rodent, from a neighbor's self-serve, backyard buffet. Hawks, it seems, don't make lunch dates but prefer instead to dine alone.

I like to think that the unlimited choice of perches, each with a commanding view, make up for any monotony in the diet. If people had the keen eyesight and dull tastebuds of a hawk, our restaurants might dispense with chefs and invest instead in vistas. Towns would inventory and protect their viewscapes to insure that all could feast their eyes to their souls' content.

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