Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Princeton Tree Guide

The Whole Earth Center always has interesting stuff on its bulletin board, beyond the cash registers on the way out. If you still have page 7 of the Dec. 12 Town Topics, you'll find a tree guide for boro streets developed by the Boro Shade Tree Commission (now merged with township and reconstituted).

It will also show up as a pamphlet, to be made available at the public library and the Whole Earth Center.
A map shows the streets, with abbreviations for what trees grow along them. And some 30 trees are described, with photos of leaf shape. Should be a useful item. The borough tree inventory was done by Jim Consolloy, who had recently retired as head of university grounds.

There are plans to begin inventorying street trees in the former township as well.

The bulletin board also had a copy of some guy's take on climate change and the 60s musical Camelot.

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