Sunday, October 19, 2014

Walking Through Herrontown Woods

For those looking for a place to walk on a brisk fall day, here are some photos of Herrontown Woods taken yesterday. The trails are clear, thanks to the Friends of Herrontown Woods, and dry, thanks to the weather. Visitors to the woods that is in fact a woods will find some nice color on the mapleleaf Viburnums,

and dappled boulders blooming in the creekbed.

The day included two sightings of pileated woodpeckers.

Look up when the trail comes near a stream, and you may see the flowers of witch hazel about ten feet overhead.

It was a good year for the berries of Viburnums,


and even one patch of Hearts 'a Burstin', also known as strawberry bush or Euonymus americana.

Near the parking lot, there's a demonstration of the rot resistance of heartwood,

and a demonstration of nutrient recycling rendered as fall beauty--leaves in their natural habitat.

Herrontown Woods is accessed by car or bike, across Snowden Lane from the entrance to Smoyer Park.

A related website and initiative can be found at

See some of Sally Curtis' photos of Herrontown Woods at the Friends of Herrontown Woods facebook page.

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