Monday, December 31, 2012

New Blog Format

Readers of PrincetonNatureNotes will have noticed a new page layout. I held on to the old one for many years because of a preoccupation with content over appearance, and also liked the narrow verticality of it, akin to walking along a nature trail. But this new format should help navigate more easily from one post to another.

If you put your pointer in the upper left hand corner, on "sidebar", a menu should drop down with all sorts of viewing options that are fun to try out. Along the right edge of the page is a slim black bar that, if touched with the pointer, should pop out and offer links to my contact info, categories of posts, a list of other websites, and a way to subscribe to this blog.

Next step for me is to update the categories and make it easier to find posts from the same season in past years. I welcome any feedback on this or any other aspects of the blog.

May your new year be filled with discoveries while exploring the nature that is all around us.

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