Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year We Got Chickens

I've been holding back on talking about some truly remarkable creatures that came into our lives this past year. When the pleadings of our 12 year old finally proved too much, I asked around about proper protocol for having chickens in town, and we went ahead and bought some chicks at a local farm supply store in May. Not having had any luck with keeping birds, or particular affection for chickens, I was not optimistic. And yet, over the summer and fall, they have worked their way into our hearts. Gentle, even huggable, imbued with personality and panache, generous in their provision of eggs, they are at the same time surprisingly independent, foraging for much of their diet on their own, living a quiet, unobtrusive life in the backyard.
The coop offered a chance to brush up on rusty carpentry skills and put to use materials scavenged from the curb.
With the entry of these charismatic creatures into our lives, the outdoors, specifically the backyard, began competing more successfully with all the diversions that tend to keep kids indoors.

This is a brief introduction. I'll post more, including more recent research on town poultry policy that made me feel comfortable about blogging on the subject.

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