Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cross-town Dogwood Migration

When Tim Patrick-Miller, a longtime Friends of Princeton Open Space board member, sought volunteers to move 9 flowering dogwoods to Mountain Lakes, we answered the call. The township grew the trees at its Smoyer Park nursery, but as trees in a nursery gain inertia with each growing season, it sometimes takes someone with exceptional determination to actually dig them up and give them a home out in the real world.

The real world, of course, has become a lot less shady since Hurricane Sandy, and these trees were headed to spots near Mountain Lakes House where the canopy has opened up. In this photo, trail committee member Clark Lennon waved encouragement while Andrew Thornton and Tim heaved and hoed.

I contributed the truck for delivery to Mountain Lakes, and the camera,
in lieu of heavy lifting.
So in this fine photo with fellow habitat restorationists, AeLin Compton and Andrew, my shovel is looking pretty ornamental.

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