Friday, December 07, 2012

To Clear a Trail

There's a trail in here somewhere. These photos, taken by Eric Tazelaar, document a weekend of volunteer work to open up trails through whatever Hurricane Sandy left of the pine woods at Community Park North.

Clark Lennon, one of the lead members of the FOPOS (Friends of Princeton Open Space) trails committee, did a lot of the chainsaw work.

Here's a good action shot.
 In this sequence, a multi-stemmed tree
 up into its original position.
Second and third from the left, and second from the right, are Ted Thomas, Clark Lennon and Andrew Thornton--longtime members of the trails committee. I unfortunately don't recognize the others, but heard that some other local groups sent volunteers, including Blue Mountain Sports.

This shot includes Wendy Mager, president of FOPOS, who has led so many successful efforts to preserve open space in Princeton.

Some 40 trees were cleared from trails on that Saturday (Nov. 10) and "many more than that" on Sunday.

With all the windstorms and nor'easters that have come through Princeton in recent years, there simply would be no trails to walk on without these efforts.

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