Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Whitish Christmas, and Wild Turkeys

The snow came Christmas eve and lingered until mid-morning today, long enough to lubricate Santa's sleigh.

We opened the wood stove's doors long enough to add the fire's soulful presence to the present opening.

Then came a walk among the boulders and ghostly beech trees of Herrontown Woods. The beeches hold their light brown leaves, making for a nice effect. If you see two small ducks walking with us, it must be your imagination.
There's plenty of evidence of what Princeton has been through this fall.
Moss has a good growth strategy for surviving wind storms.
And then, driving home on Snowden, a sighting of wild turkeys.
Ten of them crossed the road, presumably for the same reason chickens do.
Following perhaps fifty feet behind, keeping an eye on everyone and everything, was the largest turkey of all, a male with a prominent "beard".

According to Princeton's animal control officer, Mark Johnson, there are 50-60 wild turkeys in Princeton. I hear they are fairly common in the Little Brook neighborhood.

To more fully appreciate the magnificence of these birds, I highly recommend the one hour PBS documentary, My Life as a Turkey. It can be watched online, or at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival a month from now.

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